Donnerstag, 2.9.2010 17:30 Uhr

Jean-Luc Slock

Portrait von Jean-Luc Slock

Caméra Enfants admis - internationale Filmprojekte von und mit Kindern aus aller Welt.

Jean-Luc SLOCK (Pruduzent, Regisseur) ist der Gründer des gemeinnützigen Vereins Camera-etc in Liège/Belgien (früher Caméra Enfants Admis genannt). Hauptziel der Initiative ist, jungen Menschen die audiovisuelle Sprache zu vermitteln, wobei der Schwerpunkt bei der praktischen Filmarbeit mit Kindern und Jugendlichen liegt (Produktion von Animationsfilmen). Camera-etc fördert auch die Produktion von Erstlingswerken von Erwachsenen und jungen Autoren. J.-L. SLOCK leitet zahlreiche internationale Trickfilmworkshops weltweit: Europa, Asien, Afrika und Latein-Amerika.

Animated films by children, teenagers and adults -Authors production
Camera-etc is a animation studio based in Liège. Founded in 1979 under the name Caméra Enfants Admis, the non-profit association association contributes to the emergence of cinematographic expression in the French-speaking community of Belgium by encouraging the production of children's, young authors' and adults' first works.
The productions of Camera-etc invite the viewer to think about current issues, thereby encouraging people to take on their responsibilities as citizens. The animated films, the documentaries, the exhibitions, the books and the educational guides serve as awareness-raising tools for diverse themes: Intercultural dialogue, Health, Environment,
Children’s Rights...
Each person participates in all the stages of creation, from the script writing to the filming and the soundtrack, not forgetting the backgrounds and the characters. Camera-etc favours traditional techniques such as drawing, cut-out paper, modelling clay, puppets, sand, shadowgraphs... The workshop also produces the works of young authors.
Camera-etc ensures that its works are known on the international level: participation in international festivals, television broadcasts, presentation during conferences... The workshop initiates cooperation and development projects with other countries; youngsters have created their own animated films during workshops in Vietnam, Bosnia,
Serbia, Brazil, Italy, Taiwan, Burkina Faso.