Filip Braams präsentiert

Hollywood in de klas

"Hollywood in de klas (HIDK) Filmfestival" is a filmproject in which each year about a thousand children (10-12 years) learn about moviemaking, by making their own short feature.

The filmproject contains scriptwriting, filming and acting and takes three lessons per group. The premiere of their short features are presented at local movie theatres. During the International Film Festival Rotterdam, each group can win a Mini Tiger Award in various category's.

HIDK, founded by Filip Braams in 2005, is based on the idea that children need to learn more about media. Now going into the 6th edition we have a small but very creative, enthusiastic team of freelancers. It's the largest schoolfilmfestival in the Netherlands, making about 45 films in the first half of the school year. We are proud to have won the Dutch film education price last year and are happy with our co-operation with Dutch Hollywood actor Rutger Hauer. In the 'Rutger Hauer Filmfactory mini masterclass', talents from 'Hollywood in de klas', get a change to further develop and work with professional filmmakers from around the world.

We are very excited about the upcoming 6th edition, because we are currently developing the 'Hollywood in de klas Filmlab', in which we put our lesson methods online in the form of fun educational clips. These educational clips will be available to freelancers, teachers and students. Together with new developments of easy to use hard disc camera's filmmaking within the class has never been easier.