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Cinema en curs

cinema en curs - Dreh

Cinema en curs is an experimental cinema workshop programme developed in public
schools and high schools in Catalonia.

Under the guidance of cinema professionals (directors, screen writers, photography directors, editors, etc.), students get the chance to discover the cinema through their own creative practice and also by watching films from old and new days, depicting cultures from all around the world. This workshop runs throughout the whole school year within school schedules. Its sixth edition is held in 2010-2011 including more than 300 students of primary and secondary education from fifteen schools of several Catalan towns.

On the bases of those artistic, cultural and personal values at stake in film works, Cinema en curs aims at shaping a method that not only establishes and tests how to teach cinema, but also teaches through cinema itself. Therefore, it is an experimental project with two main objectives:
let children and young people discover film works and explore the teaching potential of cinema. It aims at getting student’s closer to film art and its inherent values: team work, perseverance, patience, imagination and sensitivity. By making cinema, children and young people learn how to examine reality, think or sense how to shape their ideas, share decision-making and explain their own choices, assume tasks and responsibilities, hand over their place to other people, develop their imagination and sensitivity for their closer environment and find a new way to understand the world and mix with people.
This project is organized by A Bao A Qu association and it is supported by the Department of Culture and Mass Media of the Catalan Government. From the very beginning, the Department of Education of the Catalan Government, Filmoteca de Catalunya (Catalan Cinematheque), and the university Pompeu Fabra have also collaborated in this project. At present, the Culture Institute of the Town Council of Barcelona and other towns where the workshops are carried out, have also joined this sponsoring group.
Cinema en curs is run in collaboration with Le Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse, the teaching programme set up by Cinémathèque française.