Laima Akmentina präsentiert

‘Working in animation’

I teach drawing, painting (as I am painter, I like it best!), animation and little bit computer graphics at Riga Centre primary school of applied arts and Jurmala art school. My little animation artists are 6 - 10 years old.

I am not professional in animation at all. It started with interest about computers, photoshop, etc.

My wish was: let children's drawings and paintings become alive - it looks beautiful and helps them to see many variations of colour and movements. I know - there are not too many specific means of expression of cinema (movies) in my pupils' animations. But we try to think about this in future.

Our technology: Children are painting or moving cut out paper silhouettes and I take photos. Sometimes we use plasticine or drawings. From little clips at beginning (10 - 15 frames) we have made progress till 3 - 4 minute animation with sound. Thanks to kind advices of professional animation artists and teachers Tanja Gvozdeva and Ilze Ruska I have get acquinted with montage of films and make it myself as amateur. The work with sound should be improved in future if I had time and energy enough.

• Animation in my lessons follows only after many weeks of painting and drawing.
• Animation makes art lessons more interesting, it helps to see variations of colour, form, movement.
• Working in animation, there is possible to take as a story something very good, for example a folk tale. We have lived with it for long time last year, the interest of children was great. There is all you need to get know about life In the folk tale. We are grateful to folk group GRODI for beautiful music they allowed to take for our films last year!

This year first time we sent films to Videotivoli. Before it we took part in some animation competitions (GIFAFFI, "Zaļā Anna") in Latvia.

Some small animations of my children You can find in Jurmala art school web page :,338,338&top=315